On its own, a concrete floor can be both boring and unsafe. A featureless gray color is bad enough, but with recurring foot and tire traffic, cracks can form that are a serious tripping hazard.

Over time, even something as sturdy as concrete can become damaged, and if you factor in gasoline or battery acid spills, that damage can become severe. That’s where our epoxy flooring services come in.

At Traymark Painting, we know that safety and functionality are important considerations, and more homes and businesses are opting to switch to epoxy flooring for extra protection and style.

During this process, we’ll apply an epoxy coating to your floor, creating a durable layer of protection.

Epoxy is an excellent way to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, and it tends to be highly resistant to everything from normal activities such as foot traffic and corrosive substances such as magnesium chloride. As a result, your flooring lasts far longer and looks better.

We also offer a number of coating options, allowing you to choose different designs and colors to complement interior decor options.

More than 25 years of experience has provided our painting contractors with the expertise needed to deliver superior results in every area of our residential painting services. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us online or by phone today.