Your deck and fencing were designed and built to create a real sense of relaxation, security, and style. The right deck can make a good family gathering great, and the right fence can enhance the beauty of your property.

As time goes on, environmental factors such as rain, sun, and snow can cause the paint to fade, and what was once a point of pride can end up looking cheap and shabby.

When your fencing or decking is in need of a facelift, instead of replacing them entirely, contact Traymark Painting for great results.

As part of our complete range of residential painting services, we can perform immaculate deck staining and give the wood a rich and healthy glow.

While fences generally don’t require maintenance as frequently as decks, they will eventually need either a new paint job or staining to look as good as they did when they were installed.

With more than 25 years of experience, we excel at restoring life to exterior wood surfaces with vibrant colors or rich stain.

Our team understands that to achieve superior results, the right products must be correctly paired and carefully applied to your deck or fence. If you’re ready for a free estimate on our fence painting or deck staining services, contact us online or by phone today.